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Finally! The Biggest Challenges Of Marketing Your Real Estate Business Are Solved!

We generate leads and turn them into appointments for you. Here's how our system works...

The Four Major Problems With Increasing Your Transactions


Every Agent Has 4 Major Problems Keeping Them From Scaling Their Business.

  • Lead Generation: Generating leads in a competitive market is challenging. You probably considered spending thousands of rupees buying leads from packages bought from Web portals. You also engage Digital Marketing Service Providers on outsourcing basis.. These leads are usually very costly and in some cases, the leads aren't exclusive. Some websites like provides leads of customers for 25 KM radius from his selection.  Most of the websites also suggest lot of similar properties and confuse the customers.  It will be very difficult to talk with each customer and confirm his need in terms of location and other requisites.

  • Lead Conversion: Most leads will not turn into a transaction on the first contact. In order for you to get the most out of your leads, it requires many contacts at different times of the day with different messages. Lead follow up can be a full-time job. Do you have the time to chase down leads? All your leads generated or from the data you provided will be filtered by telesales team who are not trained to do the same. The deal ticket is higher in money terms and you engage unqualified people to bring business.  Hence it is a must that every person / tele-caller who deals in the lead must be trained and professional.

  • Relationship Marketing: 60% of deals real estate agents do come from their sphere of influence (SOI) or past clients. Yet, the majority of agents DO NOT MARKET to this warm lead source, leaving easy money on the table. Sales professionals must be able to classify the leads into Hot / Warm / Cold / Information / Marketable / Sales qualified.

  • LEVERAGE: Time is your most VALUABLE resource. As your business grows, you lack the time to do the marketing and follow up that bring in new business. But the Indian working days / hours are specific with reference to promoting the lead for site visit.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are crucial in Real Estate sales.


The Complete Real Estate Marketing Solution

 The Complete Real Estate Marketing Solution is THE answer to the Four Major Problems.

  • SOLUTION For Lead Generation: Our proven marketing system generates EXCLUSIVE leads for you at the volume you desire. 

  • SOLUTION For Lead Conversion: Each lead we generate is assigned to a real person who follows up within two minutes. These people are trained in Cold Calling.  Their entire focus is to engage people and set appointments. 

  • SOLUTION For Relationship Marketing: Through our system, we market to your past clients and SOI, enabling you to generate business from this warm lead source. We also continue marketing to the leads we have already generated, keeping you front and center.

  • SOLUTION For Leverage: We believe your time is the most valuable when you are selling real estate. By hiring us, you are letting us do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best. You keep on your Promoter activities like land acquisition, legal verification, registration, survey, planning, approvals, permissions. We work on marketing activities which facilitates your sales and your payment obligations.

Here's the details of how it works...

Here's Our Solution To These Challenges

Lead Generation

We create a constant source of new, exclusive leads coming in each week. 

Lead Conversion

We take your leads and have a live person schedule appointments for you. 

Warm Leads

We market to your past clients and sphere of influence to generate warm leads for you. 

Having A Constant Source of Leads is the Key

When you don't have a constant source of leads coming in, it makes doing more deals near impossible.

Well, let's consider the options...

You could do tons of door-knocking, cold calling, and other things you probably hate to do, in order to generate leads. 

Or, if you want leverage, you could purchase expensive leads from the other lead generation companies. In some cases, those leads aren't even exclusive and they get sold to multiple agents. Oh, and if you do the math of how much you are paying compared to the number of leads you receive, it is usually MORE THAN ₹ 300 PER LEAD. 

We provide an alternative for this...

We generate leads using Facebook, Instagram and other . Our typical cost per lead is around ₹3-5 per lead.

So, for what you would spend for 1 lead with the other lead generation companies, you get 30-50 leads with us. 

All of the leads we generate for you are EXCLUSIVE! We use your Facebook page to generate the leads so they are expecting to hear from you or someone on your team. The leads would be worthless to anyone else. 

Lady with Folded Arms

Lead Conversion - Turning Leads Into Appointments


If you do not have a plan to convert the leads into appointments, then you shouldn't even worry about lead generation. Lead conversion is where you actually make your money! 

Most agents fail with lead conversion because:

  1. They don't follow up enough

  2. They don't have the time to do it

  3. They don't know what to say

We have solved this problem with one of the most robust lead conversion systems. Here's how we do it:

First, we take each lead that we generate and put it into our CRM database. The lead is assigned to a real person who chases the lead for you (for up to 120 days) and their job is to turn the lead into a phone appointment. 

They are trained ISA's (Independent Sales Associate) who focus on setting appointments for real estate leads. They spend their time chasing the leads so that you can spend your time with the people who are most interested. 

Their success rate is usually around 10-15% to get the leads to respond in a meaningful way or to set a phone appointment. 

The second thing we do to help you convert the leads is that we use tracking systems on Facebook to keep the leads into specific groups (custom audiences). 

We continue to run ads to them so that the lead sees your name, face, and builds trust. In essence, we use Facebook to continue dripping on your leads so that they know who you are. 

The bottom line is that it is a robust, technology-based system to turn the lead into an appointment. 

The screenshot below shows the Hot Leads (people responding and setting appointments). 


Relationship Marketing - Your Warmest Leads

Ask the typical agent where the majority of their business comes from and they will tell you it comes from their past clients, sphere of influence, and referrals. 

However, if you consider what you are doing to market to your relationships, it probably isn't enough (if you are doing anything at all). 

We realize the value of your relationships is a powerful source of business. 

The way that we help you market to your relationships is that we help you prepare a list of the people you want to market to, upload that list to Facebook, and run ads to them each week.

That way, they continue to see you, think of you as the real estate professional, and you are top of mind when they have a real estate need. 

They will see your business activity, videos, and all your marketing so that they see you are an active, successful agent. 

With this, you won't lose any more business because they didn't think of you first when they needed something. 

Customer Service

Complete Real Estate Marketing Solution


Lead Generation

Exclusive Leads

Lead Follow up

Relationship Marketing

Leverages Your Time

Guaranteed Results








Ready To Get Started?

Most lead generation companies think that once a lead is generated, that their job is done. Not us! 

That is just the start...We are a bargain when you consider what places like 99acers, Makaan, Housing offer for only generating leads. 



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